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The stats page doesn't seem accurate and is discouraging.

I have watched the stats page for a while and have noticed it doesn't seem to be accurate. I have already sent multiple emails in regards to it. I find it odd that the number 1 device has a higher score than all the USA put together. This happened a few weeks ago and was a large jump past the previous first place device. Stats are a large contributor to donors staying interested. If the stats aren't going to be accurate, then you shouldn't even post in the first place. Please look into it and find a way to iron this out.

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  • Coleslaw commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Well...it has been 4 years with no real change. The admins are clearly satisfied with not making things any better at this point. Probably got the grant money and have moved on to finding other grant money rather than refining a nice project. Sad. Rarely get any updates on the project at all. This project was a sad disappointment. I have over 30 devices that could contribute. They go to real projects that care like World Community Grid.

  • LadyBetta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Indeed, @afabrizio, discouraging... and curious.  It's always interesting to open the 'Gallery' and see what has been captured, as well as to open 'Your Account' and view the distribution changes. 

    But to open 'Network Map,' it's headscratching time.  When I first joined, we zoomed up the stats ranking only to realize the sort was incorrectly using the first digit, not the entire sum/number. 

    Although my Device and Gallery data collects and displays realtime, the Network Map seems to change without rhyme nor reason.  My device no longer appears.  Not sure if it coincided with the site certificate renewal/login issue a couple months back, so perhaps servers are not communicating with each other. 

    So many systems & social media accounts to manage, even with the demise of Google+.  A real quandry. 

    NOTE: The Map table lists 'Likely Candidates,' whereas Country, Users, & Devices supposed list 'time... in seconds.'  Perhaps the query and the sort processes are working at cross purposes.

  • LadyBetta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In order to post Feedback, had to open new instance of browser login to CRAYFIS blog site... not able to Post from within Android App's Feedback.

  • LadyBetta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    GOOGLE AUTH may be a problem. Won't let me log in to post a comment in Feedback, yet my Android CRAYFIS app IS working to collect data.

    SEE: "... On March 1, 2017 we posted the same notification on the Android consent page and on April 1, we posted the notification for applications retrieving an OAuth token from "https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/programmatic_auth". Developers can acknowledge the deprecation and remove this notice from the consent page by including a URL parameter "suppress_webview_warning=true" in the request.
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  • afabrizio commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree. I add additional comment.
    I have two devices: today in the top devices ranking I see:
    - First device: score 236,115
    - Second Device : score 212,434

    In the top Contributors i see myself as top contributor with a score of:
    Well.... Where this score come from ? I expected the sum of the previous ones :-)

    Then another point is.
    You should specify how the ranking is calculated.
    I mean, it considers just the recent activities ? How many days ?
    I have a device with total exposure of 10 days (so 864,000 seconds) but in the ranking I see today 236,111 s. So I imagine you are considering just a week (for example)

    I think there are two important thinks to encourage contributions:
    1) give periodic feedback on how the project is going; explain if you detected some interesting data from contributions, describe how the collected data are used and so on
    2) Give accurate stats ! this encourage contributors to stay interested. Create a sort of competition on who contribute more :-)

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